Dorset AV Yes camapign kicks off

I'm not sure where I stand on AV, I need to give it a lot more thought and will be listening to the debate closely. As part of this I was pleased to see this letter from the Dorset Echo in my RSS feed:

Fair Votes For Dorset campaign ready for launch

Next Thursday (September 9) sees the Launch of Fair Votes For Dorset’s ‘Yes’ Vote Campaign at Bridport’s No. 10 cafĂ© and bar (7.30pm).

I thought I might go along and listen to their case. Who's running it I wondered?

The campaign includes members of the Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Citizens’ Action Party, the Labour Campaign For Electoral Reform and George Galloway’s Respect Party. 
Hmm, that's quite an interesting bunch. OK, I'd expect the LibDems to be there, its their policy and the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform for the same reason. The Green Party are always up for some publicity and rabble rousing but they too have a long record of wanting PR (most small parties do).

Who are the Citizens Action Party, though? A name like that sounds very lefty:
 We're radical, left of centre, determined to challenge unsustainable consumerist lifestyles and committed to returning power to local communities
Ah, the usual lefty crap about sustainability and consumerism. Presumably their idea about localism is one where they get to call the shots and we all end up living in yurts and scraping a living of the soil while they lord over us.

And finally George Galloway's Respect Party, not the Respect Party, but George Galloway's Respect Party. Bearing in mind this is a letter from the Chairman of the the group and not a journalist's bias, he egotism of George Galloway is their for all to see.

And the letter writer is a Richard Denton-White, Chairman, Fair Votes For Dorset. Now I've never heard of him but one of the comments set some alarm bells ringing so I though I would do some research. It looks like he's one of the self serving types who gets himself on to all sorts of committees and stood as a candidate for the Citizens Action Party - nuff said.

Not a promising start in enticing me along. So does the letter have anything that might attract me and make the journey worthwhile? Well you can judge for yourself but if the meeting follows the tome of the letter it will be one big yawn:
The current, obsolete first past the post method of electing MPs and councillors invariably guarantees bland, centre right governments and self-interested council controlling groups
We've just had 12 years of Labour growing the state to a size that is unsustainable and he thinks they were centre right!
Ranged against the ‘Yes’ Vote are those in the Murdoch Press, the Tory right and the dinosaur tendency of the Labour Party who are desperate to keep their ‘vested interests’ under FPTP.  
To be fair he does make some good points:
The Alternative Vote is not what most reformers wanted, but it does at least require elected representatives to win at least 50 per cent of the vote share in order to achieve election for their ward or constituency
And that goes for lefty as well as right wing parties.

No, it doesn't look like t will be an intellectual debate on the merits of AV over First Past The Post but a long left wing rant at which I am sure an effigy of Maggie will appear for ritual burning.

I think I'll wait for the opportunity to attend a more intellectual debate.

Oh, and that comment I referred to sums it up really:
I don’t know about you but if changing our voting system means giving power to the likes of Richard Denton-White and George Galloway then I would sooner stick with what we have , at the end of the day they all look out for themselves first and all promises and principles go out of the window.


  1. I'm a Ukipper and I'm very much in favour of AV.

    To the naysayers, I say this: if you only want to use your first preference vote, then feel free to do so. What have you lost?

  2. Mark,

    I've just read your post on my RSS feed and felt you made a good point. I am inclined to the yes vote as it will at least make the major parties have to think again about safe seats and not ignore.

    Also, thanks for the first comment on my new blog.