We've all got attention deficit disorder now

Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to the news today will have heard that Ofsted have claimed that special needs are being used too widely
Thousands of pupils are being wrongly labelled as having special educational needs when all they require is better teaching and support, Ofsted has said.
It said up to 25% of the 1.7m pupils in England with special needs would not be so labelled if schools focused more on teaching for all their children.
As expected the this brought out the usual suspects of rent seekers from the TUC and assorted "fake" charities to pronounce that their vested interest shouldn't be blamed and that these children really do need help and that they should have more money.

As could also be expected it provided the topic for this morning's Radio 5 Live phone in. which brought us the usual ad hominem stories and tales of parents fighting to get their children treated as "special". Hey, don't all parents think there child is special and should get special attention at school, usually for being extra bright? But I digress.

It was my misfortune to catch the last 15 minutes as I was out in the car and the excellent Radio 4 program on tax had just finished. The final caller regaled us with a story of how he had struggled at university and was finally diagnose with dyslexia, dyspraxia and attention deficit disorder and had to drop out. He finished by telling us his attention deficit disorder was so bad that when he sat near a window he couldn't concentrate on the subject being taught, especially if it was a boring subject. I still have the steering wheel imprint on my head. What a twat.

Do these people think that the rest of don't have trouble with distractions? Looking out of the window dreaming of golf, or sailing or being away on holiday or how much I hate Labour is far better than work. But like most of the normal population I have to work to those thoughts aside and get on with what needs doing. This isn't a "disorder" its being normal. Now stop feeling sorry for yourself, looking for excuses and blaming everyone else and get over your self you.

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