Understanding Harman's rodent taunt

Harriet Harman has caused a bit of a stir by calling LibDem MP, and Treasury Secretary a "ginger rodent". But that isn't the key phrase in the speech, even tough it is childish beyond belief. No, to understand why Labour are spitting blood at the LibDem's we need to look at this phrase:

In her speech, Ms Harman said many people who voted Lib Dem in May "believed that they were a progressive anti-Tory party".
To Labour its not about politics or economics or anything else, its about being anti Tory that drives the Labour Party.

I had been vaguely aware that something wasn't quite right with Labour for a few years until I heard a Labour blogger on the much lamented House of Comments podcast say that to understand Labour you had to understand that the Labour Party is just  a coalition of anti Tories, and that's when it all became clear. Just think back to all the Labour rhetoric you have heard, they never discuss real policies other than being in the framewaork of being anti Tory.

And as the phrase above shows the LibDem crime in Labour's eyes isn't anything to do with politics, its all about working with the Tories. The term progressive is nothing to do with with economics or taxation, its code for anti Tory.

What a way to run a political party, no ideology, just hatred. That's why they always fail, because they just won't accept that sometimes spending ever increasing amounts of money because the Tories say we should cut back a bit isn't the way to run a country.

Which is why I will never vote Labour as long as I have a hole in backside.


  1. back then eh! Sorry I haven't popped in sooner. I blogged about this too, bloody awful, not the "strength" of the insult which is petty really, but what you say is the truth of it: The insults have been coming thick and fast and have nothing whatsoever to do with policy. HH knew she have an anti-Tory audience in front of her, what she didn't realise, the stupid bitch, is that there must be more gingers in Scotland than anywhere else on earth!

  2. P.S. I've got the same image background on my second well 3rd really) blog.

  3. Spam,

    I use RSS feeds which go straight in to my Outlook and unless these are set up to be truncated rarely see blogs. It looks quite good.

    As for HArman if she didn't realise what it stir it would cause she's a bigger idiot that I thought.