On Illsley and the BBC

I couldn't believe the BBC last night with Robinson trying to somehow mitigate Ilsley's thieving. Apparently because MPs don't think they are paid enough they were given these allowances, not expenses he reminded us, but allowances. The problem, as Robinson perceives it, is  is that those rich bastard Tories could claim for their duck island (complete with standard pictures) but poor Labour MPs are left to claiming for bath plugs to make up their pay.

Leaving aside whether or not these are legitimate allowances (they aren't) this crook made up his claims, it wasn't even a legitimate expenditure within the existing very lax rules. What is wrong with these BBC types? (That's rhetorical.)

And then on Today we had a comment that if he had any integrity he'd resign. No, if he'd had any integrity he wouldn't have stood at the last election knowing he was guilty. Perhaps some extra punishment for the extra costs he cause?

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