Tomorrow's weather forecast: If it doesn't rain it wil be dry

Back in the days when we thought Idi Amin was just a buffoon rather than a brutal dictator there was a a famous weather forecast sketch that I was reminded of yesterday:

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So what dragged up this little snippet from 30-odd years ago? Via Bishop Hill we learn of the Met Office's winter forecast:
On 25 October 2010, the Met Office provided the Cabinet Office with an updated three-monthly forecast, which suggested a 40 per cent chance of cold conditions, a 30 per cent chance of near average conditions and a 30 per cent chance of mild conditions over northern Europe.

They deign to frighten us to death with tales of future doom 100 years hence if we don't all impoverish ourselves by giving up the evil pollutant CO2 yet all they can do for a winter forecast is nothing more than a three way guess.

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