Very amusing put down

Anyone who follows cricket closely will know that Sir Ian "Beefy" Botham and Geoff Boycott don't exactly get on and there doesn't seem to many areas where they are in agreement, except both wanting England to win the current Ashes series and I suspect they would agree with each other through gritted teeth. They rarely miss an opportunity to have a dig at each other and sometimes they are quite amusing.

The latest one from Boycott comes from his Daily Telegraph column of a few weeks ago which I receive by email:
Who said Andrew Strauss was a conservative captain? We've only bowled nine overs, and here comes Graeme Swann. Ian Botham's up to his usual tricks on Sky. He wants a silly point, a man round the corner, a leg slip, two naan breads and another Kingfisher. Botham's favoured field-setting is the 9-7 field. (Ian Botham's record as England captain: played 12, won 0, drawn 4, lost 8.)more.
Ouch. I haven 't seen a retort yet but keep looking.

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