Why Labour hate the LibDems

Ever wondered why Labour has turned on the LibDems with such viciousness? It isn't the hurly-burly of hard politics, it's personal.

The answer is simple once you understand what the Labour Party is all about. It isn't a party with simple ideologies, indeed ideology gets in their way, its far deeper than that. Yes I know they claim to "identify with the poor", as one blogger once claimed, [and I still don't know what it means despite hours pondering] or want to look after the "working man" or "squeezed middle" or what other vacuous and meaningless slogans have been dreamed up by pollsters but these aren't ideologies that drive a decision making process.

No, Labour is about one thing and one thing only, as was pointed out by a leading Labour blogger on the much lamented House of Comments -Labour is a coalition of anti Tories. When I heard that it all dropped in to place, why all those hours over fox hunting, the scorched earth of the past few years where any spending would do if stopped the Tories winning power even if it fucked up the economy.

So, the LibDems biggest crime isn't the raising of student fees, how could it be as Labour set that one in motion? Or even AV which Labour would have entertained if it gave them an advantage. It isn't the spending cuts, Labour has as good as admitted they would have had to do the same. It isn't Free Schools; these are only one step removed from Academies.

No, the reason that Labour has turned on LibDems with such venom is that they let the Tories in, pure and simple, nothing to do with the policies and everything to do with the green eyed monster.

Bear that in mind whenever you hear a Labour spokesman and all will become clear.

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  1. It could be true of Lefty bloggers too. At an event in London in December, Sunny Hundal stated from the panel that the point of his blogs was to 'destroy the conservatives'. That's all. No higher purpose or anything, just to destroy the conservatives.