Now we find out how well the US has trained the Egyptian army

I don't mean as a fighting force, but as a servants of the people. All serviceman in a democracy are educated in the doctrine of civilian control of the armed forces. It is one of the first things that you learn and as you progress through the ranks it is stressed more and more.

It is also something that is stressed whenever training overseas armed forces personnel, either in their own country or at our various military schools and colleges in the the UK but especially at Sandhurst. Those bonds that are formed in training last a lifetime and it is a great form of soft power.

We have heard complaints during the uprising that the US gives $billions to Egypt with most of it going to the Army. SO now is the time to find out of those links will pay dividends. We have heard that senior US military are talikng to senior Egyptian officers so it looks like the soft power could be working.

That the Egyptian military hasn't been the instrument of oppression also bodes well. They do seem to have been a disciplined bunch and by refusing to side with Mubarak and his thugs have earned the trust of the people, lets just hope they maintain it.

The real danger is that having tasted power the Generals decide that they enjoy it and don't step aside or if they do remain a constant threat like the have in Turkey by appointing themselves as guardians of the constitution.

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  1. Apparently the US were giving the Egyptian army $1.5 bn a year (not a huge amount by US standards, but a lot by Egyptian standards), and as you say, we'll now find out whether this investment was worthwhile.

    PS, the army in Turkey is a force for good, or at least a force for the 'less-bad' seeing as of how the Islamists keep trying to take over.