So MPs think they work too hard

New MPs are finding the combination of long hours and a heavy workload a struggle, and worry the job is harming their family lives, research suggests.

A survey by the Hansard Society of the 227 MPs elected for the first time in 2010 suggest the new intake are working an average of 69 hours a week.

One said the demands of Westminster and constituency work had a "devastating" impact on their private life.

Absolutely no sympathy from these quarters. There a re plenty of people queueing to do the job. But lets think about one of proposed solutions, more daytime business hours.

There's a very good reason Parliament sits in the afternoons and evenings. It is to allow Ministers to do their Ministerial duties in their departments in the morning and then be able to attend Parliament, hopefully to be held to account, in the afternoons and evening. I'll bet Ministers would just love to be able to hide away in their departments and not have to do the dreary bit of accounting for their actions.

Of course there is another solution. Stop passing stop legislating the minutiae  of our lives, stop bringing new legislation every bloody year to update or correct the crap you got wrong in the last legislation.

PS Suddenly I feel a desire to start blogging again, although I suspect it will remain sporadic.

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