The end of my involvement with LPUK

I've just sent this as an open letter which needs no explanation.


Please accept this open letter as my resignation from LPUK.

They say that the only things that you regret in life are the things you didn’t do, in my case this isn’t correct as I regret 2 of my actions:

The first was believing your bullshit and volunteering my time and money to an LPUK with you at the centre.

The second was believing that the party belonged to its members and, more importantly, that you believed it as well. I certainly misread those signs.

In an heroic case of the triumph of hope over experience I thought that a few quiet months might mean that you quietly went, but obviously you aren’t going. I should have let you close the party earlier this year, at least that way a true libertarian could have picked up the reigns after a year or so, but unfortunately my actions of trying to keep the party alive when you resigned, but refused to hand over the leadership to people who care, have allowed the name of libertarianism in this country to be sullied and I want no further part.

Your self-delusion and aggrandisement is an insult to libertarianism, but then as I look back I realise that this was never about libertarianism but about your own narrow view of the world, as your Stalinist approach to the party has shown. I am now convinced that you aren’t going to let the members have their say in a leadership contest until you have ensured that your grip is such that those who truly had the party’s best interests at heart have all left and you are surrounded by a few people who, for their own reasons, want to protect you as leader.

 I won’t say I wish you well for the future, I don’t .

 Simon Fawthrop

 PS Don’t bother making any replies confidential, your trade mark stance when someone disagrees with, I will publish them.

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  1. Simon (only just noticed this),

    we know you tried your best, and came out of the debacle with your honour intact, so thanks for doing what you could.